November 30, 2022

Katerina Theodosiadou

New brand of Premium Accessories for Smartphones, with exclusive sales in more than 200 Vivo stores throughout Brazil, with subsequent online distribution and own stores.

MEW refers to the first person singular “my” in Portuguese (translated as “meu”, we changed the letter U for W) and indicates possession (“my cell phone”, in Portuguese: “meu celular”). It is also used colloquially in most parts in Brazil. The idea of the letter W is to having a unique word that belongs only to the brand.

The brand is dynamic, always in motion, ready to transform itself, without fear, into new solutions that solve the customers’ problems. Through its colors it gains life, vibration, and again movement. Together with the black that transmits the issue of being premium, high quality. Its products are high technology, so it is implicit in the project as a whole, in the supporting language and also in the construction of the symbol itself.
– Letters designed exclusively for the brand, transmitting movement.
– Its minimalism positions the brand at the premium and hi-tech level.
– The mark is dynamic in its forms and can also be read in the same way if rotated 180 degrees.
– It conveys connection because the letters are formed by joining them together.

Designer : Katerina Theodosiadou

Location : Thessaloniki, Greece

Project : Golden tea | Packaging Design