January 16, 2022

Jo Cutri Studio

Jo Cutri Studio developed a packaging design strategy for South Africa’s premier online natural health store, Faithful To Nature for their own brand. Spanning over 200 products and across 5 different ranges, including Pantry, Organic, Personal + Home Care and a Beauty Range.

The aim was to create an iconic brand look to span the entire product range while keeping each of the 5 groups unique and creating a strategy that future proofed the growing range. The colours for the Pantry range are combinations of bright, bold colours and abstract illustrations while at the other end of the spectrum, the Beauty range uses a more rich and organic palette.

The illustration style is abstract as many of the main ingredients that represent the products are difficult to visually depict, so by keeping the style abstract it is a more flexible solution to cater to the vast range of possible ingredients for future products.

Common elements such as the logo positioning, fonts and title heirachy remain throughout all products to create consistency across all ranges and evoke brand recognition.

All Faithful To Nature cartons are 100% compostable, printed using vegetable based ink on cardboard from sustainably managed forests and signature bio-bags based on plant cellulose.

Designer : Jo Cutri Studio

Location : Melbourne, Australia

Project : Faithful To Nature Packaging Design Strategy