December 11, 2022

Jane Wu

Founded in 2014 through a crowd-funding campaign, Zest emerged as an energy-focused tea-based beverage company offering a healthy alternative to coffee and energy drinkers seeking a boost without the crash. After years in the market, Zest has found that customers are looking for more and they are on a mission to transform into a nutritional beverage company that is all about simple, science-backed ingredients. Zest wants to help their customers achieve more without all the unnecessary crap.

With the new visual identity and packaging, Zest has set out to make the brand feel more professional and ensure a level of consistency among our current products, in preparation for the expansion of the new line of functional beverages and retail presence. As a supplement brand, Zest believe we can all achieve more by adding some Zest to our lives.

The design focuses on balance, showing both functionality and flavor. By providing a direct and straightforward ingredients list, customers can easily find what they are looking for. The illustrations reflect the rich, delicious flavors that customers crave. The typography, tone of voice and color palette create a modern brand with a determined and tasteful character.

Designer : Jane Wu

Location : Valencia, Spain

Project : New York, USA