July 8, 2022

Feride Gümüş

About Flora Honey
Starting from the bees foraging for honey, to the time Flora Honey ends up on your kitchen counter, there comes nothing between the bees and you! Flora Honey guarantees you to deliver the tastiest and highest quality honey products possible, prioritizing the importance to preserve the existence of bees, supporting the sustainability of beekeeping and making bee products an indispensable element of a healthy life. Bees are very valuable and indispensable not only for honey but also for environmental protection, agricultural sustainability and the continuity of life which is an important topic that Flora Honey wants to call attention to with their story.

Sweet, energetic and excited! — These are the core values of the youth-oriented company, Flora Honey. An enthusiastic language and various illustrations can be spotted throughout the branding, keeping the audience interested and curious. The main and most dominant inspiration for the brand is the poppy flower, simply because poppies are a fantastic source of pollen and bees love it! The packaging stands out with a warm color palette, referencing the beautiful tones of the honey itself shining under the sunshine, accompanied by a flat illustration of bee foraging wildflowers. The 3D modeled illustrations are created to add more depth to the visuals and also balance it between 2D and 3D transitions in the illustrations, achieving a more eye-catching and interesting look while keeping it cohesive between various styles. Swarmed with a warm color palette and cheerful facial expressions add an approachable personality to the brand that invites the audience into the wonderful world of bees!

Designer : Feride Gümüş

Location : Istanbul, Turkey

Project : Flora Honey