July 27, 2022

Amr Abdrahim

Background: Tiramisu is an Italian dessert invented by duo Fernando and Tina Rice.
It is one of the varieties that spread within a short period in the countries neighboring Italy and from there to all countries of the world and is characterized by its creamy taste rich in coffee, and the layers of biscuits that make up it.The authentic Arabic coffee is a stimulant drink that is drunk hot, and its color ranges from yellow (blond) to black through brown, according to the degree of enthusiasm of the coffee beans. It is included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

In the Arab tradition, coffee is not a drink, but rather a quality, art and taste in preparation, pouring and eating, and it is not only for peace but is used for wars. In the past, all tribes, if a quarrel or fierce battles occurred between them and one of the tribes failed a certain hero, the sheikh of the clan would meet with its members and say: “Whoever drinks a cup of so-and-so refers to the hero, the Arabic coffee is a symbol of generosity, so they are proud of their drinking and it has become a manifestation of Masculinity in their view, and this does not mean that women do not drink it.Men hold special councils for her that are called alum, coffee or diwaniya, and dates are usually served with them until they are nowadays attached to them after they are available in large quantities.

Brief: Amour It means love in French
Amour brand specializes in selling tiramisu and coffee.
The brand is distinguished by offering the best taste and aspires to provide the best service and the best product to its customers in Ksa.

For the design. The keyword was “Taste quality” Logo Sophisticated fashionable with an attractive appearance, the thickness of the difference from sharp to thick, perms of sophistication And provide everything new in the world of jewelry.
The colors were chosen to complement the qualities of the brand, as it is a mixture of the colors of the same product
With petroleum green to add a kind of change and add some sophistication to the brand.
The patterns are also designed to be more expressive of love and melting in the love of tiramisu
The patterns are designed in a modern way and the repetition gives some depth to the difference in the situation before and after
Eating our products, it is not one case, but a group of different cases each time
We try the product.

Look & Feel:
Modern Pretty Developed Elegant

Designer : Amr Abdrahim

Location : Qena, Egypt

Project : Amour Tiramisu & Coffee