November 14, 2021

Vipasha Pathak

Taula Organic is a brand in the sector of developing farm products. The motto of the brand is to bring healthy products to its customers plate. The goal of the Brand is to serve a healthy lifestyle through healthy food. With unified approach we take care of both our farmers and our environment and there by maximize our yield.Its range of products includes natural grains, sprouts, spices, herbs, oil, honey and many more. Taula Organic serves customers in all over India as well as in 20+ Foreign Countries through retail and online markets.
The main Concept behind this Packaging of the brand is to show through its packaging Design, the traditional and Organic methods used by the brand to manufacture these products.The unique thing about this packaging is its style of communicating its brand’s key features through its illustrative packaging, Which adds on to the Concept and aesthetic value of the packaging.
I am thankful to Taula Organic and Jaherat design for giving me this gem of a project to design.
Contents: Organic Culture Ghee | Packaging Substrate : Glass Jar

Designer : Vipasha Pathak

Location : Ahmedabad, India

Project : Taula Organic’s Packaging Design