March 8, 2021

Tanisha Maheshwari

A perfect cup of coffee is a sacred, cozy ritual, down to every detail. Blend captures this spirit!

Water-soluble packaging for instant coffee.. doesn’t that sound amazing?

The same sort of idea we’ve seen in popular dishwasher tablets – that can make instant coffee as simple to brew as dropping a packet into a mug of water. (And no, it doesn’t thicken the solution) Instead of trying to come up with ways to reduce packaging waste, why not eliminate packaging altogether?

The use of recycled paper to build the packaging is what makes it completely environmentally feasible and friendly. Each packaging has a color to portray the mood that lies in the blend and it has inherited the true sense of instant through the easy and swift ability to use each cup as and when needed.

Each box contains twenty cups with a single food-based film that contains perfectly blended coffee grains per unit. Each blend can be set apart by the color of the lid and the logo system of the word mark and icon.

To further emphasize the idea of “instant” that runs the brand Blend, the packaging had to be created in an extremely precise way. The intention was to eliminate any excess waste of time, along with materials, for a person to drink their favorite drink of the day – coffee.

Designer : Tanisha Maheshwari http://www.tanishamaheshwari.com

Location : Mumbai, India!

Project : Blend