September 26, 2021


The most recent project we did for Viharsarok Brewery was the packaging design of their new, limited-edition raspberry-infused Sacher Cake inspired chocolate porter. This beer draws on the original raspberry Sacher cake of a famous patisserie in the region. The 100% pure raspberry and caramel malt dominate the chocolatey and fruity flavor of this balanced brew.

Our aim was to re-model the cake we tasted in the patisserie through the packaging. The layers of the chocolate cake base, light chocolate mousse, and raspberry jam are represented by striking colors, and the finishing layer –the shiny chocolate glaze is inspired by the glossy top coat of the label. The combination of matte and shiny surfaces and the oil painting-like curves perfectly embody our emotions when biting into a slice of Sacher Cake or taking a sip of this smooth and chocolatey porter.

Designer :  STUDIO NABI

Location : Budapest, Hungary

Project :  Viharsarok Brewery – Sacher Cake