March 2, 2021


Saint Chalance: A Natural Wine
What is the opposite of nonchalance? The passion of Saint Chalance, a sulfite free wine made in the tradition of oldest wine-producing regions in the world. The maker of this wine used the finest grapes from Napa Valley, and combined refinement developed over centuries with cutting-edge methodology, that replaces artificial preservatives with natural antioxidants. The result is a natural wine robust in health and flavor. Saint Chalance is deep purple in color and medium to full-bodied in palate, with an undercurrent of blackberry, currant, and black cherry carrying subtle notions of spices, cigar box, and a pervasive minerality.

DesignerSTEFANO BRACCI http://www.stefanobracci.com

Location : Pescara, Italy!

Project : Saint Chalance