April 20, 2021


A hair care system that gets your curls popping!
After 8 years in the textured hair industry, the founder of Naturally Drenched decided it was time to create a product for all curls – aka curlclusive. Naturally Drenched is a simplified, salon-quality hair care system for every curl pattern. It makes caring for your hair fun, easy, and totally revitalizing.
Looking to turn up the volume and create an original stand-out look, we selected bold color combinations coupled with striking graphics. The logo integrates a beautiful curl, while also giving a feeling of hydration that becomes a theme across the packaging. A mix of satin and metallic finishes bring just the right amount of sophistication for a look that feels luxurious yet approachable. The result is sure to be a showstopper wherever it turns up.


Location : San Francisco, USA

Project : Naturally Drenched Packaging Design