November 1, 2021

R Agency

Silpo is Ukrainian supermarket chain, which is making the shopping experience meaningful, exciting and fun.
Like literally, have you ever seen an in-store art performance?
And it’s even not the most surprising thing Silpo is known for!
The new gift cards we did for them are not the exclusion. We didn’t want them to be just “cool looking” cards like any other supermarket usually has.
So we instead used them as a medium to support local art that was under great pressure because of COVID pandemic.
Our idea was to remind people about the importance of art in their life and encourage them to visit a theater or an exhibition, watch a movie or go to a concert once more. That’s why in our design we playfully combined shopping, which is also a kind of art, with other types of arts and created entertaining illustrations that are interesting to study.
We also used the theme of art to design gift cards for special occasions: “sorry” certificate for Silpo clients and a special “green” certificate for children under 18. And of course created unique designs for birthdays and holidays: Easter, New Year, 8th of March.

Designer : R Agency

Location : Kyiv, Ukrain

Project : Silpo Certificates Redesign