July 17, 2021

Mohsen Zeinali

Sap is a substance obtained by extracting from a plant or fruit such as grapes, dates, and apple berries, usually by boiling with a solvent such as water or alcohol. Grape juice is a very sweet substance that is obtained from grape juice. Grape juice has a different production process from berry and date juice. First, the grape juice is separated from the grapes, then some alkaline soil is added to it, which causes the grape pulp to settle with the soil. Then, the grape juice is poured into pots and boiled to color Gold comes close to red. Some juices are warm and some are cold. Juice is a special and traditional Iranian product that has faced high demand in the global market and markets today . In most of the packages available in the market, using Iranian fonts and miniature and Islamic patterns, it has been tried to show that it is an Iranian product; But in designing the concept of this package, designing a special logo related to the product was on the agenda. Then, the product name was tried to be simple and with the source of supply of this product so that at first glance, the customer understands the type of product. Modern glass design with printing of labels with special material makes it more durable and prevents the product from spoiling . The nutrition information of this product along with the brand description and other information is on the sides of the label. Also, the illustration of Doshab bottles and grape juice in the center of the cans on the label makes the customer feel the variety and wants to buy the product.

Designer : Mohsen Zeinali

Location : Tehran, Iran

Project :  grapes sap packaging design