July 4, 2021

Mina Bakliža

A series of fruit brandy labels created for a relative of mine. He produces the traditional “šljivovica“ (a plum brandy, that the whole Serbia is famous for, especially its central part Šumadija) but also other spirits such as pear brandy, cider, quince, herb brandy etc. Since it is a home-made liquor, he wanted the labels to have a retro feel , so I focused primarily on creating illustrations that would look like as if they had been hand drawn on a paper (despite the fact they were created digitally in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop) and a combination of old-time logo and vignettes. The lovely NocturnoBG font, created by Marija Rnjak, ( www.behance.net/marijarnjak ) was a perfect fit for the labels. The product being all about tradition, and targeted at the Serbian market, I chose the Cyrillic version of the font.

Designer : Mina Bakliža

Location : Kragujevac, Serbia

Project :  Fruit Brandy