March 17, 2021

Manuele Mancini studio

De Blasis Wine
Family of Italian origin, 7 siblings, children and a love for the vineyards. Located in the magical region of Las Compuertas, Mendoza, Argentina, pioneers in the area, with vineyards planted in 1928. It covers a 7-hectare field with diverse soils that produce high-end wines.
The De Blasis winery has a capacity of 130,000 liters. Together with the Winemaker Matias Richitelli, they achieved highly concentrated wines with well-integrated wood presence, a classic and high-end style.

The design of this wine seeks to represent its trajectory and irrigation through water channels.
Taking a vertical tour of the label, it begins with an open gate that gives way to the water and irrigates the family’s vineyards, who have cared for and cultivated them since 1928. The colors represent the cultivated land (brown) and the water that It gives life (light blue).
All graphic elements and lettering are custom made for this label.
Uppercase serif letters were created with ornamentation inspired by tradition, family, positioning, and quality.
· Lettering, packaging and illustrations: Manuele Mancini studio
· Photography: Mothership https://www.instagram.com/mothership.contenido

Designer : Manuele Mancini studio http://www.manuelemancini.com

Location : Mendoza, Argentina!

Project : De Blasis Wine