February 7, 2021

Luminous Design Group

TruckNow is an application that offers innovative last mile services, including the final stage of the delivery process between a distribution center and the recipient. As it offers its own trucks and full transparency on their exact location, it fills a gap on the Greek market. We were asked to design the brand identity system for the application, and as the name was already given to us, our focal point was to highlight its immediate nature. The logo captures the idea of “now” by imagining the wheels of a truck as the zeros of a digital clock. Through design we came up with the tagline Time at Will, which got incorporated into a bold brand identity – full of elements that underline the innovation of the application – that stands out for its use of a distinctive yellow color, which can be traced back on the safety jackets of the drivers (safety yellow).

Designer :  Luminous Design Group https://www.luminous.gr/

Location : Athens, Greece!

Project : TruckNow Branding