October 10, 2021


Provenance is an important aspect for whisky making and aging, so we spent time in the Lenna outhouse where the whisky was slowly aging in its small 20L, 50L and 100L barrels. We noted that many of the barrels had had their edges painted in a beautiful sky blue by the original winery that many of the barrels had been sourced from.

And so our creative approach centred on the blue rings of the barrels, plus utilised the combination of the blue with the wood on its gift tins. The three rings represent the three main casks that are used: port, sherry and bourbon. It’s a clean, uncluttered and brave approach. Whilst minimal in design, every element has meaning and storytelling, and the distinctive assets of the blue and the rings can can be used in a number of ways on both primary and secondary packaging, as well as POS, websites etc.

The use of Stardos Stencil Font and the master distiller’s own handwriting, gives the brand a premium yet handcrafted feel that appeals to the connoisseur target audience.

The overall modernity of the brand speaks to the youth of the master distiller Jack Lark, and the passion and zeal of the owner Lloyd Clark. It also ensures the brand stands out amongst its competitive set of traditional labels.

Designer : Denomination

Location : Ultimo, Australia

Project :  Battery Point Whisky