July 20, 2021


The strong factor of this packaging is its ability to be published by consumers through the Instagram AR filter. By scanning the QR code on the package, consumers can easily share photos of themselves with the characters, thus allowing the packaging to go viral and the brand to gain greater recognition. It also encourages consumers to use this healthy product.
Another key point that is a target of this product is the importance of social media by young people. Using the Instagram AR feature and making an AR filter for each character is sure to increase the attractiveness of the packaging and popularity among consumers.

In the design of the antioxidant product that was intended to be sold in women’s gyms or places frequented by women, we decided to use the character of Marilyn Monroe, with all her feminine charm, and create a combination of modern imagery and illustratio


Location : Tehran, Iran

Project :  Motivational granola bars packaging with Instagram AR filter capabilities!