November 11, 2021

BOLD branding

A visual translation of the sensations you feel with every taste!
“Cool Stuff” is the name we created for an ice cream sub brand of Voilà Dessert Shop; we wanted to create w range that will match Voilà’s innovative
identity, with unique design philosophy that will stand out.
We aimed to create an illustration language that beautifully translates the ice cream flavor subtly as well as communicate the brand’s image
Each label has a differentiating soft color palette that is relatable to the flavor; with 4 stricking main icons;
– The Flavor Pattern
– The Tasting Tongue
(spade) the all time favorite classics
(Spark) the fresh taste of the fruity flavors
(electric bolt) the clash of flavors that creates unforgettable experiences
(flower) all the nutty rich flavors that elevates any taste
– The Flavor Typo
– The Exciting Optical Illusion
All the design elements tied together creating an appealing ice cream package that is easily & beautifully spotted on any shelf
it’s Cool Stuff!

Designer : BOLD branding

Location : Cairo, Egypt

Project : Voilà Cool Stuff – by Bold Branding