November 18, 2021

Black Squid design

5Nines Whisky
A distillery located in the Adelaide Hills, specialising in small batch handcrafted spirits, established by two guys with one sole passion – to create the perfect spirit, 5Nines – 99.999% perfection.

The design needed to reflect the ever-present background thinking of this, the exclusivity and premium nature of each variety, while remaining true to the brand. It was important to highlight textural and sensory elements of the package to enhance the experience, such as the individual variety overlay labels, textured stock, raised sculptured emboss and foiled aspects.

The unique hand crafted Copper Still was a pivotal piece of inspiration for the overall design; we drew upon the curves of the Still to influence the bottle shape and the angular lines replicated within the logo treatment. The bottle wooden cap and seal ties back to the barrels that the whisky is matured in, and the continuous words printed in the background ‘in search of perfection’ inspired by the rings around the center of the barrels.

Designer : Black Squid design

Location : North Adelaide, Australia

Project : 5Nines