July 7, 2021

Aveera Juss, Saumya Arora

“(udi Baba” (also known as “ore baba re”) in colloquial Bengali is a shock or an interjection. “Oh my God” is the closest translation to English!
The country of disparities in India continues to stun the globe with its various cultural concepts of what fits women. While the pandemic increases the poor involvement of women in urban areas, we have Dr Swati Mohan who is an Indian aerospace engineer, as the leading guidance and control of operations on the NASA Mars 2020 mission.
In contrast, we still tread on No sexual assault if the judgement given by the high court in Bombay on 19′- 2021 was not sentenced to skin-to-skin contact. Udibaba indeed!
Swimming between freedom, fascism and fantasy, we investigate how to adapt to aspects of the 21st century and shed out-of-date practices.
Girls just wanna have fun!
With the hypothetical chewing-gum variation from ‘ UDIBABA’ by ‘Hindustan Unilevers Limited,’ we are ready to take a chance and attempt something new with a speculative and novel packaging solution for the Indian market. In this we will aim a new audience who crave desi sour flavours. Indian firms have been following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘local voice’ or the localization agenda for a long now in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, in particular in foods. The government has requested items not only to be created in India, but also to promote the local brands, manufacturing and supplier chain, emphasised on a self-sufficient or “aatmanirbhar.”

In line with the goal and approach of Unilever’s Positive Beauty, Pop Art on the outside packet combines the notion of ‘tattoo art’ which is doubled as the wrapper for our desi aromatized Chewing gums. (Enable the chewing gum in an ecologically friendly and user comfortable way)
Creating can be most privately owned, while a public experience is turned into Indian women / girls seeking equality by design with its main underlying message, that females only want to have fun — “It only means that females want the same darn experience that any male can get.” Unjustified or disgraced!
As the slut-shamed and sexual repression continue to be concerns with which we are grappling with 2021…
Female solidarity and design/creativity may lead to enjoyment and empowerment as we attempt to alter the world around us.
The secularist appreciates hypocrisy and India is controlled by male supremacist ideas for the oppression of women with its varied and diverse culture. As India enters the 21st century, the shift will be made by young upcoming designers.
A 2.5cm high cylindrical box that can easily be carried in one pocket is included in the finishing package. It includes 2 huge gum pellets that fit the contour of your mouth so that you may experience the distinct flavour of the gum, covered on every side. These are packed into a covering with two portions, one for gum elimination and the other with printed patterns that can serve as a tattoo.

Designer : Aveera Juss, Saumya Arora

Location : Panjim, India

Project :  Udibaba