April 1, 2021

Alexander Cherkasov

Mamoloko is a milk formula for children.
There are situations when it is not possible to breastfeed a baby. For example, in places which are not provided for this purpose, during the trip, when there is a problem of breastfeeding. Mamoloko is a milk formula which is provided for such cases. This milk-based drinkable mixture is an excellent solution for convenient and healthy baby feeding. The brand line includes three products. They differ in composition and are intended for different ages: from birth, from six months and from year. The advantage of this product is that it is sold in a bottle, which can be used repeatedly, it will help to improve the environ-ment. The shape of this bottle is designed according to an individual drawing. Matte beige finish protects the contents of the bottle. The bottle has a measuring scale and a window through which the product is visible. The visual idea is that a bottle for feeding symbolizes the female breast and a paper wrapper symbolizes clothing. The pea pattern was taken as the basis, as the most recognizable print in a women’s wardrobe. Pea is a differentiating property of the product: its size depends on the age of the baby. The logo is made in the form of a tag to enhance the association with clothing. Mamoloko is designed for young modern women. This package looks like a stylish accessory and complements the image of a young mother. Black and white gamma is associated with a cow. Such packaging will stand out among other dairy products on the store shelf, and, most importantly, mothers will be glad to see such a product.

Designer : Alexander Cherkasov

Location : Luberci, Russian Federation

Project : Mamoloko