November 12, 2021

AGA agency

Hair Trick is one of the products in Tricks cosmetics line, which we worked on. It is liquid keratin — a multipurpose product intended to enrich hair, eyelashes and nails care. One can add it to shampoo, spray on the hair in order to protect before hot styling, and even apply to nails and eyelashes to strengthen and repair.

Tricks includes cosmetic products created for active customers. As opposed to neutral cosmetics in white and soft pink packaging, we have chosen a more dynamic, bold and sporty image for Tricks.
The solution is supported by the brand spirit. The philosophy of its development includes new formulas of well-known products, deeper communication with customers and line expansion with new products.
To communicate with customers, we offered to launch a professional hotline of hair care support, as well as to publish brochures with detailed advice. The advice itself, i.e. taking care of the customer’s appearance, makes up the offer, while the cosmetic product materializes care.

The advice idea is supported in the packaging: “Keratin. Hair Trick #5: spray your bobby pins with hairspray”. Each product has its own number and is accompanied by a “trick”, or hair care. On the other side of the package the advice is translated into Russian.
The list of tips can be further used in POS and outdoor advertising, as well as on the website or any other promotion.
While searching for a logo, we took the idea of strong initiative. We wanted to create a product containing a call to action. So we chose an aluminum bottle, a dynamic logo with number 5 and turquoise color.

Designer : AGA agency

Location : St. Petersburg, Russia

Project : Hair Trick