July 21, 2020


The modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules: products must be of high quality and their design simple and clear.

Craft breweries are gaining more and more fans around the world and are constantly working to maintain the high quality of their product. Like them, we also keep a high bar for the quality of our work by expanding the boundaries of cooperation and experimenting.

The craft label is a real field for bold experiments, it challenges, and we are always ready to accept it. Our goal was to emphasize the quality of the SYMMETRY beer product by wrapping it in a suitable modern design.

Symmetry surrounds us from childhood, and we rely on it in our knowledge of the world around us. Symmetry is the highest order in nature. Our solution is to create a strict ordered grid of simple geometric shapes and their combinations, which we decided to break down with asymmetric solutions. Therefore, we have achieved an effect that attracts the eye and makes you look at the design, trying to determine the order, and at the same time captures your attention longer than the usual time to evaluate the product.

We were inspired by nature to make these decisions, because at the same time that we live in a quite symmetrical world, nature does not tolerate exact symmetry, and we tried to consider this. The concept is complemented by a calm combination of colors and a simple, low-key font. All this has come together in a trend-oriented minimalistic project.

SYMMETRY is a modern and intuitive craft beer design.

Designer : Znakovy

Location : Minsk, Belarus

Project : Modern design for SYMMETRY craft beer