December 2, 2020

XPOM branding agency

The packaging design concept is based on a metaphor comparing the similarity of long spaghetti and the shape of bicycle spokes. The concept emphasizes the belonging of black spaghetti to the healthy-food segment and healthy nutrition for sports. “Raggi delle route” – translated from Italian “Bicycle spokes”. The sleek packaging in the shape of a cylinder made of matt black cardboard, with a special finish – gold stamping and UV varnishing, clearly indicates that the product belongs to the premium segment. The packaging design uses an animation of black stripes that works when the lids are turned – bicycles come to life and begin to ride. This is impressive and engages the customer in the communication with the product.
Designer : XPOM branding agency https://chromestudio.ru/

Location : Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Project : RANA. Spaghetti al nero