December 17, 2020



Fundación Arquia promotes and disseminates projects of cultural and social nature in the field of architecture, construction, design and urban planning. Architecture is a reflection of the constant change in society and how we organize ourselves in the polis. The “Arquia Próxima” awards are celebrated biannually, honoring the new promotions of architects, this time it seeks to promote a change with a more inclusive, plural, diverse and attractive festival, especially focused on the new generations of architects.

The proposal is inspired by the dynamism of an arrow as a vector of movement that singles out and also represents a goal and a destination. As an evocative element, it symbolizes, with its application in gold, all those award-winning architects with whom the proposal connects.

We also play with the participation of the present moment that is projected into the future, a game that is expressed in a resounding way and that serves to clearly show the intention behind this graphic.


– Provide meaning and focus to the Arquia Próxima awards.
– A versatile system that allows you to decline on various elements and surfaces.
– Reflect change and transition towards a more current aesthetic.


The identity is built from arrows of different styles, types and formats that point in an upward direction in gold, a simple metaphor of what architecture is as a social driving force. In some oriental cultures the arrows are synonymous of deep knowledge on a subject, we also appropriate this meaning to give the whole set of entity, personality and consistency.
The main contribution is that we take an external element that we make our own and capitalize on its value so that the Festival has an asset that can be used in subsequent editions.


The arrows in different sizes bring a certain degree of transgression and change that is the ultimate goal of architecture as a discipline to transform society through its interventions, that despite being an ephemeral event, the residue is not out of date. The award-winning architects are avant-garde and push the limits of what is considered normal. There, the approach evolves to adapt to multiple platforms, always accompanied by the golden patina that awards the winners.

The versatility of both physical and digital supports allows the creation of an almost infinite palette of applications, in tangible elements we bet on offset printing with gold direct inks in programs, diplomas, brochures, accreditations, notebooks, voting papers. Other elements that make up the universe of the brand more related to merchandising require the transfer of that characteristic (gold ink) to surfaces such as fabrics (tote bags) methacrylates (trophies) …
In addition, numerous digital elements are created to feed the different social networks in which we have the moving arrow as a focal element.


Location : Logroño, Spain