December 6, 2020

The Rooster Factory

Ólafsson Icelandic Gin is a tribute to Eggert Ólafsson, Iceland’s most celebrated 18th century adventurer, poet, naturalist and passionate guardian of his country’s native culture. Leaving no moss-covered rock unturned or strange farming ritual unexamined, Eggert spent five years exploring the length and breadth of the country’s diverse regions and its people. And in 1772, he published the findings of his expedition in Reise Igiennem island (Travels in Iceland). His fervor and dedication to Iceland inspired the birth of Ólafsson Icelandic Gin.

Ólafsson Icelandic Gin’s packaging is an invitation to discover the truly captivating story of Eggert Ólafsson. A hypnotizing portrait of Ólafsson, enclosed in a medallion, immediately drags attention and locks the eye gaze into the bottle. The rich and detailed hand-drawn illustrations, inspired by the original 18th-century engravings, depict Eggert Ólafsson’s epic five-year expedition across Iceland: from thundering waterfalls and volcanoes to geysers, glaciers and basalt columns, Ólafsson clambered across untamed tundra and met indigenous fauna, such as Arctic foxes and the gyrfalcons, and flora, both real and imaginary. The subdued colors chosen for the labels – yellow, brown, green – are reflections of the natural shades and lights typical of Iceland’s extraordinary terrain and otherworldly landscape, while the offset printing over gold hot foil and a rich combination of embossing and debossing match the gin’s exceptional quality and botanicals complexity. The Icelandic expressions, both on the front and back labels, are a funny and friendly nod to Ólafsson’s motherland and Icelandic consumers. Finally, a wooden cap engraved with Eyland Spirits, the company name, pays tribute to the birch, the emblematic Icelandic tree.

Location : Pasadena, USA

Project : Olafsson Icelandic Gin