August 10, 2020

Roberto De Souza

The following project is the redesign and repositioning of a well-known Japanese food restaurant in the city of Juiz de Fora, which underwent reformulation throughout the process and contacted me so that we could work together to restructure the brand. As a starting point, we seek to understand the brand since the operation of the restaurant in question to evaluate customer service, then we try to understand the history of the brand and the appointment so that, from there, we enter the points of contact with customers.
After all the evaluations, it was noticed that there were several points of defective contact, which were remedied by a position little explored by them previously, which came with the use of packaging that showed a little of the brand’s DNA and its concept. The entire positioning and design philosophy of the brand was based in part on Japanese culture. This can be seen mainly in the logo which refers to oriental types mixed with a little architecture.

Designer : Roberto De Souza

Location : Juiz de Fora – MG, Brasil

Project : Japa hall