December 20, 2020

Mechi Co. Design

NeoDx is a brand of Molecular diagnostics. Its ethos is defined by an approach that is driven to find answers to help people with their health. NeoDx focuses on creating testing tools that help in giving accurate results about several health issues. The testing kits range from Human diagnostics like COVID, RNA, and food diagnostics.

Our challenge was to design the look of the new brand that is less intimidating within the serious field without losing its quality.
It could not just be differentiated on just how the products look, It had to be bigger than that. The brand that is modern and beyond. By transforming today, tomorrow can be better.

The idea was to create a clean, bold, minimal, and forward-thinking design. The whole idea comes from how a circle is a symbol of the cycle of life and transformation and how we can draw parallels with the DNA helix and crystallized structure to form the logo symbol.
The color is inspired by the 4 main components that form the Double helix DNA.

The combination of white packaging for boxes with functional type and Neo’s vibrant colors forms a beautiful, clean, precise brand that personifies Neo’s expertise in creating their testing kits.??????

Designer : Mechi Co. Design  http://www.mechicodesign.com

Location : Pune, India

Project : NeoDx Biotech