June 28, 2020

Garage Comunicazione

The Muraca organic product line was born as an evolution of the company policy based on an offer of quality products, dedicating attention to traceability in order to enrich the accurate offer of the italian company.
Muraca is an Italian company specialized in gastronomic specialties. The product quality allowed the company to export it all over the world. Muraca packs his sauce in beer bottles, a southern tradition.
Among communication objectives, for the launch of the new organic products, it was necessary to guarantee the brand visibility by creating a new packaging system. The brand continues to emphasize Italian origins, following the growth it has experienced in recent years on international markets.
In the new packaging of the Cherry tomato sauce, with raw materials grown dry on the hills of the Dauno-Samnite Apennine, a transparent label was chosen both to show the content and, above all, to give greater visibility to the red color, underlining once again the Italian origins of the product and its biological traceability.
For the pasta packaging, was used a practical bag-closing cardboard with a rough and natural feel .


Designer : Garage Comunicazione

Location : Rogliano, Italy

Project : Good, genuine, Italian … and also organic.