June 15, 2020

Digital Factory

Panatsea company was founded in 1997. It is the first Narine lactic acid manufacturing company that makes organic and high quality Narine available in the market.
As a deep-rooted company with its unique selling proposition well-defined, Panatsea Narine had its stable clients for many years. However, there were a couple of issues the brand faced and looked forward to resolving them.
One of their goals was to enlarge the target audience and the scope of their clientele by engaging the younger generation as well.
They also strived to have a new concept and redesign by keeping the intrinsic oldness of the brand. As Narine is an ecologically clean health product, the client wanted to foreground its features and use them in the branding concept.
In addition, the company wanted to position Narine as a lunch option.

The main challenge for us was to rebrand Narine in a way, so it could match the wide scope of segments, thus creating interest for both younger and older generations.
Secondly, by keeping its concept of cleanliness and healthiness, we worked hard to position Narine as a lunch alternative, where people would choose the natural, healthy and tasty products over other choices.
As Narine was in the market for a long time with its old packaging, our team aimed to create a brand identity that would comply with the modern standards and trends of dairy products.

Design Solution
We created the branding of Narine by completely pivoting on their concept of being biologically clean, healthy and tasteful.
The logo anchored the letter P as the basis by also visualizing a hidden bird that accented the brand’s notion of lightness and care.
As Narine has product types in various fruit flavors, we had used colors to stress them as well as to make the packaging more attractive for the younger people by keeping the naturalism in the core.
All things considered, a strong brand identity was created weighing the brand essentials: healthy, biologically clean, organic and natural.

Designer : Digital Factory

Location : Yerevan, Armenia

Project : Rebranding for Panatsea