May 16, 2020

Conor Smyth

It’s a beautiful traditional gin distilled with four different types of Jupiter berry and a key ingredient that gives it a very unique taste, local ivy flowers from Walsh Island in Ireland. The ivy flower is in bloom for only a few months which makes this a very limited batch. At the heart of the brand is Tullamore. It serves as the inspiration for the design of the label. The unique wrap-around label was inspired by the Grand Canal which bends and weaces its way through Ireland and on whose mercurial banks Tullamore flourished. With any Mor project, the goal is to have the colour scheme reflect the botanicals that are used in production. Int his case, we went with shades of black as the gin incorporates four different types of Jupiter berries. The choice to foil the majority of the label was so this product would be seen as a higher premium product than it’s predecessors.

Designer : Conor Smyth

Location : Monaghan, Ireland

Project : Mor Irish Gin, London Dry