October 19, 2020


Panama’s Frigate Reserve Rum came to CF Napa to create the branding for their distillery and line of sophisticated aged rums named after the iconic frigate, a seafaring bird. The frigate symbolizes good fortune and exploring the unknown – 2 tenets at the heart of the brand.

To complement the brand’s unique offering, we designed a custom bottle inspired by the ancient, hand-blown glass bottle the client found washed up on a beach. The weathered labels leverage subtle color coding for each rum – aged 8-21 years. Each bottle has a cast metal coin inspired by bohemian currency pressed into the shoulder of the bottle. The coin is embossed with an illustration of sugar cane, an ode to the origin of the rum, and the brand’s tagline, “Life on the Wing.”

Designer : CFNAPA

Location : Napa, USA

Project : Frigate Reserve Rum