December 1, 2020


Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival, is a traditional festival celebrated across many Asian countries. The date of celebration falls on the 15th day of the eighth month based on lunar calendar, as known as a full moon day. In Vietnam, it is regarded as a children’s holiday as well. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, they parade through the streets with illuminated lanterns in different colors and shapes. The moon coming in the roundest and brightest represents for a reunion. Therefore, this day is also an occasion for a family gathering.

The Concept
The mooncake set by Bracom, featuring the enchanting image of the moon, is highly believed to be a valuable present to show our appreciation toward friends and clients for their productive cooperation. The visualization of the autumn moon rising over a tranquil lake reminds us of putting aside the hectic life to enjoy the allure of nature for the present.

Lighting Effect

Let’s see how magic the box could surprise you by its effect. One of the most extraordinary highlight of Mid-autumn festival is children’s lantern parade. As each of them brings a different color lantern, they create a long colorful line when they walk around on the street. Thanks to our special materials, colors of the moon can change and sparkle that makes its packaging even more attractive. When putting our mooncake sets together, we can create a beautiful picture. By making a box combination, we can also build up a round table with four chairs surrounding to recall the depiction of a family reunion.

What else ?
Empty boxes are normally disregarded when all the mooncakes are taken out but we wish to reuse them for even more amazing ideas. Guess what else we can do with them? Lanterns? Let’s see how we transfer this box into something very fun for kids. We invite you to join with us on this wonderful journey to childhood.

Location : Hochiminh city, Vietnam

Project :  The magic mooncake gift box