October 29, 2020

Alexander Brazhnik

Brand’s idea is not just to make the best oil they can, but tell customers what it is for. As company’s name says ‘the-real-oil’, their mission is to deliver authentic first cold pressed oil experience with modern approach.
We used bright yet simple color coding, clear typo and big icons for product info on the side: now you always see which oil is it as well as what it’s best for. Our labels are printed on eco-friendly craft paper with just two colors – nice to touch and fully recyclable, sure! And we even made our barcodes feel more alive and even organic – who wants to be boring, huh?
This leaf is not just for design – it stands for real.

Designer : Alexander Brazhnik  http://brazhnik.design

Location : Moscow, Russia

Project : ‘Nastoyaschee Maslo’ Packaging Redesign