October 6, 2019


Back in 1984, Matilda Bay created the craft beer category within Australia with a range of beers aimed at those drinkers looking for something a little different.

As the craft beer market in Australia had changed and consumer choice had exploded (now over 460 craft beers in a bottleshop), a brief to add tasting notes to the outers arrived at WCN_.

As we looked at the market, it felt as though the brand needed to push more than just the tasting notes. We believed the Yak Ales family needed to push its range harder, increase standout, and strengthening it’s impact on shelf.

We did that by creating stronger personalities for each of the brews which framed the iconic Yak head and brand name. Wild Yak is one of the Yak Ales best selling brews and has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2016 and quickly becoming Australia’s most successful craft beer launch.

Designer :  WhatCameNext

Location : Sydney, Australia

Project :  Yak Ales Refresh – Wild Yak