July 1, 2019

Valkiria Creative Intelligence

The redesign of GranoSquare’s brand was motivated by the company’s need to consolidate itself in the category of healthy
foods with a premium granola.

The new packaging solution was designed to match this new identity and positioning and
also to enable the increase of the product mix for the company’s portfolio.

The colors had a fundamental role on identifying
the granolas, and the new hierarchy of information highlighted the new brand and its most relevant characteristics that
consumers are looking for in this type of product, being essential to consolidate the new positioning, making it dierent
from competitors and to increase sales by 25%.

In environmental terms, the new packaging has a positive impact by
choosing PET and Polyethylene materials, both recyclable polymers. In addition, the brand is certied with the Eureciclo®
seal and 100% of the equivalent that the company distributes on the market is collected and recycled by Brazilian
cooperatives, reducing its environmental impact and contributing to the development of the recycling chain in Brazil.

Designer : Valkiria Creative Intelligence

Locality : Porto Alegre, Brazil

Project : GranoSquare