January 14, 2019

The Collaborators

The Collaborators have created a new brand, packaging and website for cold brew coffee Far Side. The UK cold brew category is currently coasting with several faddish and unauthentic brands failing to capture the nation’s imagination. The Collaborators were asked to create a stand-out brand with real credentials and a connection with a young target audience. Based on the positioning ‘More than a cup’ designs evoke the origins of the exotic beans from Rwanda and Peru and the tastes of these regions conjured up by every sip. Illustrations were hand-drawn in-house and focus on the culture, nature and ingredients of Rwanda and Peru colliding to take you on your first step to the Far Side with just one glance of the bottle. The spirit of this eclectic style was supported with a playful and expressive tone of voice and a website where the vibrant colours and mysterious muted backgrounds of the packaging played out perfectly.

Designer : The Collaborators

Locality : Bristol, United Kingdom

Project : Far Side Cold-Brew Coffee