February 17, 2019

StudioBah Branding & Design

Al Capone is a brewery from Porto Alegre, Brazil. With its expansion, the brewery began the production of a special line with limited editions released monthly.

Considering that Brazil is experiencing an exponential growth in the appearance of new breweries, leading to increased competition, differentiation is fundamental to express the essence of the brand and conquer new consumers – considering that most of the buying decisions happen in the gondola. So the new packaging needed to quickly catch the eye of the consumer. Therefore, it was necessary to create a new line from the traditional line.

The challenge was to create labels with the possibility of easy adaptations to speed up the monthly launches of the brand. It was necessary, at the same time, to differentiate them and to create a recognizable pattern among them. So a grid was designed in which small changes bring their own identity to each style of the series and create visual unity between the packages.

There is variation of gradients, according to the characteristics of each beer. The numbers change with each release, being highlighted to present the amount of styles released. And, through the numbers, one can see Al Capone himself with an expression of debauchery, as if he knew that a great number of styles will still be released.

Designer : StudioBah Branding & Design

Locality : Porto Alegre, Brazil

Project : Al Capone Limited Edition