April 5, 2019

THOMAS KIOURTSIS Ruto design studio

Inspired from the Greek Orthodox faith and the halo of the saints, the holy grail and the Ancient Greek god Dionysos (that was the God o the harvest), we try to make a sacred grape. So the name holy grape works like a charm and the logotype is a combination of all three. The shape of the bottle is inspired from the shape grape, we used a transparent cover on the cork, so it can be visible, this way we create the illusion of a stem that holds the “grape”.
Raki is a transparent, often called by the people as divine liquor, that’s why we used clean typography, white silk print straight on the bottles and white spaces on the box, creating clean surfaces with plenty of room to breath.

Designer : Ruto

Locality : Glyfada, Greece

Project : Holy Grape