January 12, 2019

IDna Group

Cocio milkshakes have been on the market for several years, however, the consumer preference has over the last couple of years moved towards natural ingredients. Cocio changed the product to meet the new consumer needs and wished for this to be reflected in the packaging design. Furthermore, this product targets adults, which also was a part of the design task along with a clear visibility of the product USP: Natural ingredients. As new flavours were introduced along with the new ingredients and new claim, the packaging design should appear new and clearly different from the previous packaging. The solution became a pack design which creates a great shelf impact by the choice of colour and a design that signalize freshness and a summer vibe by its bright, tasteful colours reflecting the natural ingredients, while being in line with the rest of the Cocio range to strengthen the product family appearance.

IDna Group have a solid experience in packaging design and have created brand identities for brands like Nestlé, Unilever, Arla, Anthon Berg and Coop.

Designer : IDna Group

Locality : Copenhagen, Denmark

Project : Cocio Milkshake