June 9, 2019

Diego Carneiro

The new Natura Seve bottle, more slender and streamlined than its predecessor, gives a more classic feel while preserving the charm of the original.

The glass was chosen for the body as this material truly transmits a sense of timelessness. Its transparency anticipates the exchange to occur between the body and the product. The internal shaping of the bottle was inspired by the curves of the female body.

The movements generated through the refraction of light in the oil recalls the body being bathed in Seve.

The lid, like a crystal crown, is its finishing touch, defining the Seve woman as one who is striking, sensual and whole.

Included inside the Seve box is a botanical illustration of the almond tree flower. This type of illustration highlights the scientific and delicate nature of the product.

Elegance and minimalism, with a twist.

Unfortunately, the project has been abandoned by the brand in 2016.

Designer : Diego Carneiro

Locality : Sao Paulo, Brazil

Project : Natura Seve New Bottle

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