May 16, 2019

Cl?ver Branding

The creative team of Cl?ver Branding agency developed a visual and conceptual component of the future brand the “Baikal”. In the process of market analysis, the positioning was found that completely not only rebuilt the new brand from competitors, but also revealed the unique properties of Baikal water: “The Magic of Renewal and Longevity.”
The brand develops through authentic, unique images of Lake Baikal – shaman culture, connection with natural forces, the natural flow of life, cold and purity of Baikal water. The strict laconic form of the bottle reminds us of a crystal of perfectly pure ice, in which, like a crystal ball, one can see its future. Cold blue tones and silver in accents strengthen the history of the noble origin of this water.
The symbol of the brand is the Baikal sun, taken from the epics of local people, as an ancient deity plays through the cold ice in the rings of life on the frontal wall, filling the water with life, health and strength.
The slogan “It Regenerates itself, it will regenerate you” emphasizes the unique properties of Baikal water, and gives the consumer clear information about the benefits of this product.

Designer : Cl?ver Branding

Locality : Moscow, Russia

Project : Baikal