October 8, 2019

Capim- Gustavo da Mata and Marcelly Guerrero

Vermelho is a brand created for a small coffee production from the State of Paraná, in the south countryside of Brazil.

This region is recognized by its special atributes of
flavour and quality that only that soil and weather can provide.

The whole concept was based on the color of the soil of this area, known as “terra vermelha” (red soil). Besides
the red, we chose black, white and yellow as secondary colors that combine and make a
good contrast. Lines are strong and fonts are sober.

The result is a simple, elegant and strong personality brand, that reinforces the product atributes and identity.

Designer : Capim- Gustavo da Mata and Marcelly Guerrero

Location : Sao Paulo, Brazil

Project :  Vermelho Café