April 20, 2019

Barna Design

The East Hungarian Winery has been owned by the Harsányi family for over 160 years. Besides traditional winemaking, Harsányi Winery also likes to experiment. That’s how Tokaj dry wine was born: Oops! (Hungarian: Hoppá!)
Our task was to create a label design which targets the younger generation, and matches to the name of the wine (Oops!).
That word is an exclamation, and we have hidden it in different ways:
1. Spicy, sexy content: Along with its vibrant colors, the look of the pretty girl is attractive itself. Labels are die cuted and varnished .
2. Illusion: It seems to be a rupture from afar, but from close, the tearing of the front tag is an optical illusion: Watchful consumers may notice the image of a woman wearing a bra. Things are sometimes worth a closer look!
3. Surprise: There is a little easter egg hidden on the wine bottle in the girl’s hand. It shows what behind the label and under the girl’s clothes might be.

Are you looking for a long time relationship for tonight?
Fresh, fruity, waggish. Furmint, as you have never liked.

Designer : Barna Design

Locality : Budapest, Hungary

Project : Illusion of a wine – Oops!