December 8, 2018


Dissatisfied with the limits of being human, Doctor Faust abandoned the Asclepius Serpent of medicine for a much older one: one that has been steering the souls of Men into their own desires since the Garden of Eden.
By bargaining with the devil, he embarked in a journey of infinite knowledge, immeasurable pleasure and even love. Yes, he lost his soul. But not before grasping a glimpse of true, tremendous happiness.
And who could blame him?
You could use olive oil for its once intended purpose of healing aching wounds. Or, like Doctor Faust, you could surrender your soul to true, self-indulgent, gastronomical bliss.
Even if only once.
In the packaging, a texture in the neck extends the snakes embrace to the Erlenmeyer-flask-shaped bottle — itself, like Faust, a culprit of the betrayal of its medicinal origins for mundane pleasure. Coated with a rough matt finishing, its warm, haptic appearance is misleading, as its aluminium body underneath lends it a cold metallic touch — devil-like, one could say. Furthering this contrast is the use in some details of cork: an old, traditional material, not unfamiliar with the more lavish uses of other beverages.


Locality : Porto, Portugal

Project : FAUST