November 30, 2018


Altano is an emblematic Douro wine, produced by the Symington family. The brand wants to reach a new segment of consumers. It is a wine range with an easier consumption, uncomplicated, widely available and the perfect match for a social life, without losing all the exceptional quality of the Douro wines. Notwithstanding, Altano Reserva wines suit as well for a more sophisticated target.

Omdesign’s challenge was to refresh the brand’s image, reinforcing its credentials through all the 5 products: red, white, organic, red reserve and white reserve wines. The main goal was to build an icon for young and social wine enthusiasts, the new segment the brand aimed to achieve.

Therefore, the first step was to modernize the owl symbol, the Douro keeper, and more specifically, the Symington family’s grapes and vineyards keeper, to a more pure, straightforward and minimalist design, combined to the wisdom symbolism that the owl represents. Nevertheless, the process of reshaping and refreshing Altano’s image and labelling needed to match the quality and simplicity this family defends, linked to the special signature these wines contain: Naturally Douro. In addition, the chosen colours, textures, reliefs and finishes were particularly selected to merge the wines profile with its characteristics, uniqueness and purity. The organic wine clearly appeals to the five senses, since its label has the same textures and sensibility of a vine leaf, referring to the sustainable nature of this wine.

Designer : Omdesign

Locality : Leça de Palmeira, Portugal

Project : Altano