December 22, 2018

Murray Raeburn - Quest Beverages

Calm & Stormy Sparkling Mineral Water was born from a quest to change the future of beverages. With an aim to help people live a healthier lifestyle on a healthier planet.

Pristine Australian Spring Water is sourced from deep beneath a dormant volcano, in the central highlands of Victoria. During a 30 year journey, rain water filters through volcanic rock, becoming infused with natural minerals. For the fruit juice blends, locally grown fruit is sourced; Blood Orange from Griffith, Tasmanian Raspberry from the Derwent Valley and Pink Lady Apple from Officer.

Packaged in a tall slimline 300ml can for the environmental benefits and for a better consumer drinking experience. Aluminium cans have a much higher recycling rate than plastic and can be infinitely recycled. In fact, 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in circulation today. Cans also have the benefit of cooling down quicker, staying cold longer and retaining carbonation for longer.

Designer : Murray Raeburn – Quest Beverages

Locality : Melbourne, Australia

Project : Calm & Stormy