June 3, 2018

Maitreyee Kalaskar

Seedwood Inc is a Healthy Juice manufacturing company which tries their best to keep your healthy drinks fresh and organic. Seedwood chooses the best hand-picked fruits from their gardens and has a hygienic packaging process. A fresh plastic-free packaging design & UI/UX design for their branding – which will make them able to stand out in the juice aisle and also will keep their consumers intrigued while ordering drinks online. The tone of the company feels very organic and clean hence the minimal package designing – it keeps you away from all the clutter and gives you the details only i.e. their simple logo, colourful minimalistic packaging and their modern interface design.

They have many flavours including “Oh, Peach Please”, “Orange you glad?”, “Berry on top” and more – aren’t they interesting?


Designer : Maitreyee Kalaskar

Locality : Pune, India

Project : Seedwood Inc