December 20, 2018

Isabelle Boucher

“Or de la récolte” is a Montreal-based initiative from people who are committed to stop the bee colony collapse disorder, a global crisis. To support the pollination of crops and ensure the harvesting of fruits, vegetables and garden herbs, the collective installed several hives in parks, community gardens, green alleys, schoolyards and rooftops. This community initiative allows the harvesting of a delicious urban honey and inspired the creation of new products.

Having the goal of introducing urban honey to the community, three herbal tea drops were created with pollinated herbs and flowers from “Or de la récolte”s garden.

This new product is available at the collective’s foodtruck and is differentiated by its solid form that does not require the traditional herbal tea’s packaging. Bags are however available for those who would like to bring the herbal tea drops home.

A cardboard cup, illustrated by hand and sealed with beeswax, was specially designed to taste this new product.

You can see the entire project here: behance.net/isabelleboucher

* The infuser is not shown here.

Designer : Isabelle Boucher

Locality : Montreal, Canada

Project : Herbal Tea Drops