October 10, 2018

Gilnei Silva

Within the design of a new art gallery, branding work was the starting point for the creative steps. We defined the purpose of the brand was to print stories – through works of art – in people and environments, being our archetype “The Explorer”.

With this in mind, the reasoning of naming sought the journeys that our mind makes when enjoying good art. Hence the name Odyssea was born. Originating from Latin, this word means long journeys marked by adventures and surprises, in perfect harmony with the branding of the brand.

Once baptized, it was time to create the visual identity of the Odyssea Gallery. The Gilnei Silva Studio sought various meanings inspired by the brand strategy and name created for the brand. The symbol is formed with the letters O and A, which start and end the name, just as an odyssey always has its starting and ending point. Featured in the symbol, a graphic represents the stamp of the traditional postcards, which record the places we travel. In addition, the stamp brings strong symbolism as it serves to prove the authenticity of things, authenticity that the Odyssea Gallery will offer in their projects.







Designer : Gilnei Silva

Locality :  Campo Bom, Brazil

Project : Cicero de Cesero